Ultrasound Moonee Ponds

At DiagnostiCare, we take pride in offering premier ultrasound services. For Moonee Ponds patients, we offer cutting-edge imaging technology, combined with our experienced and knowledgeable staff, all of which distinguishes us from other radiology centres in Victoria.

Ultrasound Services for Moonee Ponds Residents

If you have a referral and need a safe and well-managed ultrasound, DiagnostiCare is equipped to ensure a seamless experience. Whether you require ultrasound for medical diagnosis or monitoring purposes, it’s essential to understand that this procedure is non-invasive and uses sound waves to generate images of internal body structures.

Why Choose DiagnostiCare for an Ultrasound in Moonee Ponds?

Choose DiagnostiCare for exceptional, patient-centred care and state-of-the-art ultrasound technology at our Moonee Ponds facility. Here’s why you should consider us for your ultrasound needs:

  • Highly skilled radiologists: Our team includes Dr. Stephen Fasulakis and Dr. Robin Cassumbhoy, both renowned for their expertise and compassionate care.
  • Convenient location: Situated in Moonee Ponds, our centre is easily accessible to residents in neighbouring areas like Keilor East, Ascot Vale, and Maribyrnong.
  • Cutting-edge technology: We utilise top-tier ultrasound equipment, ensuring clear and accurate imaging for precise diagnoses.
  • Patient-centric approach: From appointment scheduling to result reporting, we ensure a seamless experience for all our patients.

To discover more about our ultrasound services, feel free to get in touch. Call us on (03) 9337 8288 today to schedule your appointment or to address any further queries you may have.

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