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As a leader in imaging and diagnostic services, DiagnostiCare is your trusted centre for cortisone injections in the Airport West area. At a state-of-the-art facility, we have a team of highly qualified and compassionate radiologists that provide quality healthcare for patients with a diverse range of needs and requirements.

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Get Tailored Care – Cortisone Injections in Airport West

Our clinic has been carefully designed to accommodate the unique needs of our vast client base. We understand that each patient has different needs and concerns, and that cortisone injection procedures must be tailored to suit each individual.

Our radiologists Dr Stephen Fasulakis and Dr Robin Cassumbhoy, have both gained significant expertise from years of training and practical experience. Their primary focus is not only to provide an accurate diagnosis, but also make sure every patient feels comfortable with the process.

Respected for their skill, ability and compassion, our team particularly specialises in imaging evaluation of malignancies involving the head and neck. So, whether you are suffering from arthritis, tendinitis, or bursitis, you’re in the best hands at DiagnostiCare.

A State-of-the-Art Facility for Cortisone Injections near Airport West

We have adopted the use of fluoroscopy – a real-time X-ray technique that provides detailed images of body structures. This technology ensures that the cortisone injection reaches the exact spot where it is needed, thus maximising its effectiveness while minimising any discomfort or unease.

At DiagnostiCare, one of our core principles is to offer services that align with the latest medical standards, and our cortisone injections services in Airport West are no exception.

Hospital-Grade Cortisone Injections in Airport West

As a reputed centre for diagnostic imaging services in Melbourne, DiagnostiCare offers hospital-grade cortisone injection treatments for patients in Airport West, Niddrie, and Pascoe Vale. Under the guidance of acclaimed radiologists, our cortisone injection procedure aims to alleviate pain and inflammation.

Our cortisone injections are particularly beneficial for patients with joint problems like arthritis, as well as various sports injuries. Our doctors are highly skilled to administer cortisone injections to areas such as knees, shoulders, hips, and elbows.

Why Choose DiagnostiCare for Cortisone Injections near Airport West?

  • Knowledgeable and experienced radiologists: Our team of radiologists holds vast expertise in applying cortisone injections, ensuring best care.
  • Cutting-edge technology: With our state-of-art fluoroscopy technique, we can provide the most accurate cortisone injections.
  • Personalised healthcare: We tailor our services to each individual’s needs, ensuring a comfortable and effective procedure.
  • Accessible location: Our clinic is easily reachable for residents of Airport West and other nearby areas like Avondale Heights and St Albans.Affordable services: We strive to make healthcare accessible to all by offering affordable cortisone injections.

Trust DiagnostiCare for high-quality cortisone injections in Airport West. To book an appointment, please contact us at (03) 9337 8288, or email us at

Preparing for Your Cortisone Injection in Airport West

Once you choose our cortisone injection service, there are a few steps to prepare for the procedure. Firstly, it would be beneficial if you could provide any medical history, including current medications, allergies, or any other health conditions. On the day of the procedure, make sure you wear comfortable clothing.

Our team will walk you through the procedure and address any concerns or questions you may have. With our caring and patient-centric approach, we aim to make the entire process of cortisone injection as comfortable as possible for you.

Our team looks forward to providing you with the exceptional healthcare service you deserve.

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